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        Hello, welcome to visit Dongfanghong group (Hubei) Grain Machinery Co., Ltd. Official website!
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        Dongfanghong group (Hubei) Grain Machinery Co., Ltd.

        Company Add: Liangjibei Road, Anlu, Hubei, China

        Tel: +86-712-5233130, 5222310, 5222317

        Fax: +86-712-5224454

        E-mail: hbdfhlj@163.com

        Url: http://shanghaitrio.com.cn

        Rice milling series

      • GCJ24,40 series grain seperating instrument
      • GCJ40 paddy separator is mainly used for separating paddy and brown rice from the rice unhusked by paddy husker,and it can also be used for separating imperfect grain for seed selection and primary separation of materials in food processing.It separates by reciprocating movement according to the differences of different materials in the physical properties such as elasticity,friction coefficient and specific gravity.
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      • DZFT series low-speed bucket elevator
      • MGCZ series is my factory in the original MGCZ a-type double-sieve gravity gravel coarse separation screen based on the first to develop and produce a new generation of advanced sieve equipment, the series of crystal absorption and digestion of the latest international technology, the use of all stainless steel separation Plate, two sieve body and can be used in series, the device is small, large output, applicability, has a unique design ideas, the performance indicators are more than similar domestic products.
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      • MGCZ series gravity type paddy separator
      • Gravity type paddy separator is used for separation of pure brown rice from paddy and brown rice mixture. It has advantages of high output, grain saving, simple structure, stable running, beautiful appearance and etc.
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      • MNMF18.25 type emery roll jet rice pearler
      • For processing of rice with all accuracy under any varieties
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      • MNMF18.25 series rice milling machine
      • It is used for primary milling. It is used in rice milling plant for processing of rice at different particle size.
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      • Flat white rice grader
      • Wide scope of application; Updating product for white rice grading in rice plant; Having features of tight structure, balanced running, fine technique and convenient for maintenance;
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      • TCQY series drum type pre-cleaner
      • TCQY series drum type pre-cleaner is a kind of material cleaning equipment. It is widely applied in rice plant, grain processing plant and feed plant to clean big impurities, such as, stem, hemp rope, stone and scraps of paper.
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      • TQLZ 80,100,125,150 series vibrating screen
      • Wide scope of application; Developed based in advanced technology and rich experience; Used in grain storage facilities, processing plant and feed plant to remove, big, small and middle size impurities; Or for classification of semi-finished or finished products;
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      • MNMF25 emery roll rice milling machine
      • Serise low heat-rise rice whitener can intake air at multiple points and realize the new enhanced air-jetting technique,thus the air volume passing through the whitening chamber is 2.28 times higher than that of the conven-tional rice whitener. Its new mechanical structures, such as the receiving bin in which rice grains can be cooled and the double adjustable counter pressure valves etc. enable the machine to realize the low-temperature rice milling operation with the aid of cold air and under negative pressure. The rice milling system in which this machine is incorporated can increase rice whitening efficiency,decrease the number of rice whiteners to be used and lower power consumption, therefore it being necessary equipment for rice processing plant.
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      • MPMG rice double roll polishing machine
      • MPMG 16.5×2B 18.5×2B 21.8×2B MPMG18.5×2B/21.8×2B series rice double roll polishing machine is well designed rice processing equipment developed by our company based on practical condition of rice milling industry. It is reasonable updating device for modern rice milling plant.
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      • MNMS1818/2525 rice double roll polishing machine
      • MPG-5T / 6T / 7 series of rice double-roll polishing machine is the company's long-term production of rice polishing machine professional and technical experience, at home and abroad to absorb the advantages of similar products on the basis of the combination of domestic rice processing the actual situation, well-designed A new generation of rice finishing equipment. The machine adopts the structure of double roller horizontal parallel arrangement, which has the characteristics of large output, high precision, less broken rice and low energy consumption. It is more than 100 tons of modern Nissan rice processing plant business ideal upgrade products.
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