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        Hello, welcome to visit Dongfanghong group (Hubei) Grain Machinery Co., Ltd. Official website!
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        200A-3 Oil Expeller

        Product Name:200A-3 Oil Expeller

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        Service Hotline:+86-712-5233130

        200A-3 Oil Expeller Summary

        This machina is suitable for the extreaction of vegetable oils from such oil-bearing materials as rapeseed,peanuts,sesame seed,cottonseed,soya beans,coconuts,tea seed,sunflowerseed,etc.(The pressing worms can be replaced as required by the user for the purpose of the extraction of oils from some other oil-bearing materials,such as rice bran oil and the like.)

        200A-3 Oil Expeller Features

        1. All such main parts of this machine as wormshaft,pressing Worms,cage bars, gears and so forth are made of hi gh-grade alloy steel through hardening treatment.As a result, in spite of the co
        nditions of high temperature and abrase on under which they work day acid night, they keep durable for a considerable period
        2. The combination of steaming and roasting is also one of the features of this machine. It can be regulated in accordance with the varide requirerne nts of various oil-bearing materials for
        the temperatures before pressing so as to get high quality oils.
        3. The whole process from feeding,steaming, roasting up to the disch-arge of oil and cake goes.On automa-tically and continuously, so it is easy to operate the machine, which results in
        the saving of labour.

        200A-3 Oil Expeller Technical Data

        Name lf oil seed Capacity(kg/24hrs.) Oil yield(%) Residual oil in dry cake(%)
        Rapeseed 9000-12000 30-38 6-7
        Peanuts 9000-10000 38-45 5-6
        Sesame seed 6500-7500 42-47 7-7.5
        Cotton beans 9000-10000 30-33 5-6
        Soya beans 8000-9000 11-14 5-6
        Sunflower seed 7000-8000 22-25 6-7
        Rice bran 6000-70000 10-14 6-7

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