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        Hello, welcome to visit Dongfanghong group (Hubei) Grain Machinery Co., Ltd. Official website!
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        204Pre-press Expeller

        Product Name:204Pre-press Expeller

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        Service Hotline:+86-712-5233130

        204Pre-press Expeller Summary

        Pre-press Expeller Model 204,a screw press for continuous production, is suitable either for produ-ction procedure of"pre-pressing-solvent extracting"or tandem pressign and for processing materials of high oil content, such as peanuts, cottonseeds rape-seed,sunflower-seed and etc.

        204Pre-press Expeller Features

        1. High capacity, less installation space, little power consumption and simple control & maintenance.
        2. Pre-pressed cake, being loose but not crushed,is helpful to solvent permeation.
        3. The percentage of oil and water content in cake are suitable for solvent extraction.
        4. The pre-pressed oil is of higher quality than that obtained by single pressing or single solvent extraction.

        204Pre-press Expeller Technical Data

        Capacity:45~50tons/24hr.(sunflower kernel or rapeseed as an example)
        Residual oil content in cake:13%approx.(Under normal conditions)
        Electric motor:Y225-M-6,1000R.P.M,30kw,220/380V,50HZ
        Net weight:5500kgs.Approx.
        Overall dirnensions(L×W×H): 2900×1850×3640mm

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